FRCS (England) MRCS (England) DNB,
    Specialist in Revision Lower Limb Arthroplasty
    Complex Hip, Knee and Sports Injury.

  • Restoring Your Active Life

    Joint Replacement Procedures

  • Ankle Replacement

    Ankle replacement is surgery to replace the damaged
    bone and cartilage in the ankle joint.

Hemant Sharma

Specialist in Orthopaedics

FRCS (England), MRCS ( England), DNB (ortho)
Specialist in Revision Lower Limb Arthroplasty,
Complex Hip, Knee and Sports Injury

Currently working as director and clinical administrator in department of Orthopaedics in W Pratiksha hospital, Gurgaon. Prior to this I was heading the unit in Fortis memorial research institute in Gurgaon from August 2012 till June 2016.

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Orthopaedic Excellence

What's new in Orthopaedics

Sickle Cell Disease

Half of patients in a trial have safely stopped immunosuppressant medication following a modified blood stem-cell transplant for severe sickle cell disease, according to a new study. The transplant done in the study reversed sickle cell disease in nearly all the patients.

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Hip Fractures

One in every two older persons who have suffered a hip fracture will never be as physically active and independent as they were before. The odds are even lower for the very old and those with dementia or other ailments, says an expert.

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New invention in orthopedic

Researchers have discovered a way to convert a block of wood into a bone graft substitute, which produces a bioactive, inorganic compound that closely resembles the structure of natural bone.

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